The Beauty of Polish Engineering

For us, engineering is an archetype of timeless beauty. We believe that our products are beautiful because they are designed in accordance with engineering best practices: from the initial concept to the tiniest details of implementation. When something is elaborately engineered from the ground up and carefully executed, its beauty emanates from within.

In other words, external beauty comes from the skill that goes into the design

Rysunek techniczny

Unitra’s Flagship Amplifier Recognized for Its Design

See how traditional Polish engineering excellence meets modern design principles in a new product. Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles.

Reddot winner 2023

New Product Line

We are proud to introduce Unitra’s new range of hi-fi separates. Inspired by products from our brand’s classic era, we have created a complete and uncompromising hi-fi stereo lineup. Our system has been designed for those who long for high-quality equipment that is made in Poland and – like past generations of Unitra’s products – is built to last. It is meant for people like ourselves: music lovers for whom the sheer pleasure of listening and the emotions that come with it are a life’s adventure.

Zestaw Unitra

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Rysunek UNITRA Artboard