About Us

Historical Background

Unitra is an iconic brand that stands for 30 years of audio and video equipment manufacturing in Poland. At some point in time, nearly every Polish household owned at least one Unitra product. The brand itself epitomized modern and accessible technology that brought music and television to people’s homes; it was a source of national pride. Today, our products are made in a new economic and social reality, but they continue to bring joy and excitement.

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which consumers no longer settle for electronic equipment that is made to be unrepairable or even disposable. We believe that engineering is an art, and our goal is to make people passionate about it.

Our Mission

We aim to build upon Poland’s best traditions in audio engineering by creating equipment that is manufactured in Poland and continues to bring memorable experiences to its users for many years.

Our Values


We believe in respect in the broad sense of the word, that is, respect for tradition, expertise and competence as well as respect for other people: customers, suppliers, employees and, last but not least, competitors.


We create our product for people and thanks to people, building a community behind the brand and designing audio equipment that we are happy to use ourselves.


Passion for engineering is behind everything that we do. It is what drives us to build, test and constantly improve.


We have the courage to test new, non-obvious solutions and implement them rationally.


We feel responsible for the fact that our solutions have an impact on people’s lives and on our planet, which is why we build our products to last and why we communicate responsibly and follow socially responsible processes.

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Thank you for being with us and letting us share our passion for the art of engineering and the art of music with you. With best regards

The Unitra Engineering Team

Join others who are passionate about music and meticulously engineered hi-fi products!

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